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Turtle Nala Tray
Turtle Nala Tray

Turtle Nala Tray

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This Balinese-inspired Sea Turtle mahogany tray embodies the grace, beauty, and strength of her namesake. Nala means something amazing and different in so many languages and cultures. In Balinese Mythology, Bedawang Nala, is a giant turtle who carries the world on her back.

In Greek Mythology Nala is the godess of Nature. And in Swahili, Nala is powerful lioness (Hakuna Matata, anyone?). All symbols of strength and beauty, just like our Turtle Nala.

Display her proudly on the wall, as a jewelry tray, a trivet or thrill someone with a gift they'll cherish for years to come.

Choose from two sizes  12" x 6 " or 24" x 12" or let us know your custom order size.